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complain makes you sick and kill you by inches

New research reveals that complain literally makes you sick and kill you by inches
Published by The New Paradigm on April 16, 2016, 4:30 p.m. pm

New research reveals that complain literally makes you sick and kill you by inches

The average person complains at least once a minute during a conversation.Tout's doing it at one time or another, but to what extent is the complaint for good health? We could consider it as a simple discharge of frustration and justified as a necessary means to stay sane.

Since we all experience negativity or unwanted situations in our life, it's a middle course agreement which we can all identify.

In the end, nothing really changes with our complaints or any negative feelings and thoughts that we dissipate and eventually weaken us.

Focused originally on the negative as a means of survival, we tend to agree more with what we do not want or appreciate the change (to arrive at a change). More we put our eyes on something that can be hurtful, plus we are programmed to be on guard.

Complaining is a way of recognizing a problem without trying to address it. This feeds the problem with more energy and creates more stress. Complaints are on par with smoking when it comes to our health care system.

The stress caused by the fact of complaining constantly damage neurons in the hippocampus and alters its ability to create new neurons and neural pathways. The hippocampus is the part of the brain used to solve problems and cognitive functioning.

When listening to someone else complain about this affect you in the same way as if it was yourself that you were complaining. Here are some ways to limit the impact of the complaint.

Set the complaint, follow its frequency and realize every time you complain and why you are doing

A complaint and a finding are different in the sense that one is a statement and the other is a feeling or an opinion attached to the declaration. "It's really hot outside" is an observation. It becomes a complaint when you add "It really hot outside, and I start getting tired."

Be careful when you advertise a complaint and how well you do. You can make the front of your screen or even talking to yourself. To understand how this is a problem is the first step.

Take your distance whiners incorrigible

Now that you know how harmful it is to be around people who constantly complain. If you're stuck in a situation or place, try to be proactive and productive overlooked problems, and propose solutions.

Turn the complaint in something else

For example with positive statements such as, "I do not like driving to work, but I am grateful to have a job." Do not let your words end on a negative note.

Another great way to do this is by changing the "I have to go to work" may be replaced by, "I am lucky to go to work today."

One of the best ways to remove negative statements in your life is by removing your sentences the word "I" or "me." Do what you have to do but do not draw attention to yourself if you fail to be positive.

Sandra Veringa