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  • 4 These rituals make you happier

    4 These rituals make you happier (as neuroscience)

    The excellent Eric Barker presented in Time, 4 rituals that will increase your level of happiness. The peculiarity of these rituals? Their effectiveness is proven by neuroscience.

    These rituals-4-you-make-more-happy-as-the-neuroscience
    • The question to ask yourself: Who am I grateful for?
    Gratitude makes you happy. The feeling of gratitude activates the brain stem region that produces dopamine. Similarly, gratitude can increase serotonin secretion in the anterior cingulate cortex. Best of all, expressing your gratitude, you will trigger a feedback loop. Gratitude to self-feed with the person who received it!
    • Name the negative feelings: I feel ...
    When we call an emotion, the calm prefrontal cortex amygdala in our brain. The effect of emotions is less.
    • Make a decision: the decision reduces worry and anxiety by creating intentions and objectives. The prefrontal cortex then returned to action. Note that the decision also allows to change perspective by moving towards solutions that calms the limbic system. Needless to aim a good decision, good enough simply to feel good.
    • Multiply physical contact: the brain's neuro-social. He needs others to flourish. And when there is a long contact, like a hug, oxytocin is released to reduce the activity of amygdale.On admirably feels good! Note that massages help to significantly reduce the level of stress and improves sleep.

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